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The Bright Mentality Podcast:

The Mental Health Podcast Shining a Light on a Better Future

Welcome to "The Bright Mentality Podcast," the premier mental health-focused podcast experience brought to you by The Bright Mentality. Dive into a world where real-life narratives, professional wisdom, and transformative stories take center stage. Each episode is developed to offer profound insights and an expanded perspective on mental health. Connect with us as we navigate understanding and wellness, one episode at a time.

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Behind the Mic

Introducing Courtney

Meet Courtney Jordan, the founder behind The Bright Mentality and the host of The Bright Mentality Podcast. Courtney brings authentic empathy and a commitment to mental health advocacy as she converses with guests such as Osman Carroll, mindset coach and personal trainer. Her genuine curiosity and insightful questioning make each episode a rich learning experience, encouraging listeners to explore the depths of mental well-being alongside her.

About The Podcast

On "The Bright Mentality Podcast," no topic is off-limits. We delve into all aspects of mental health, shining a bright light on subjects that often remain in the dark. From interviews with mental health professionals to discussions with individuals who have walked the path of recovery, our podcast aims to inform, inspire, and enhance the mental health community.

Featured Podcast Episodes

Join us for featured episodes that resonate with authenticity and heart:


Episode 1: Journaling Towards Joy — Discover journaling's role in mental health and its impact on emotional healing.

Episode 6: Harmony of Mind and Spirit — Delve into the powerful connection between mental health and spiritual practice.

Episode 10: Stories of Resilience — Be inspired by personal accounts of courage and determination against mental health adversities.


With more enriching content queued up for your listening pleasure, the journey toward a brighter mind continues.

Find Us Wherever You Get Your Podcasts!

"The Bright Mentality Podcast" is ready for your ears on all major podcast platforms. Whether commuting to work or unwinding in your personal space, join us for enlightening episodes that speak to the soul.





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