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90 Days to a Bright Future

Welcome to The Bright Mentality, an organization dedicated to championing those navigating the challenges of mental illness by offering a suite of supportive resources, including our flagship product - the Bright Mentality Journal. This 90-day transformative tool is artfully crafted to prime positive habits and foster personal growth.

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Discover What's Inside

The Bright Mentality Journal:

Empowering Mental Health

Discover the transformative journey within the pages of The Bright Mentality Journal. Tailored for those who wish to redefine their relationship with mental health, our 90-day healing adventure is designed to stir optimism and harness positivity while holistically integrating into traditional treatment programs. Each turn of the page is a new opportunity to cultivate favorable habits and build resilience. Unlock your potential, embrace change, and start living with a mindset that glows differently, beginning now.

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Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Take a Peek Inside

Your guide to a fulfilling life and stronger mental health in three phases:

At 30 Days - Unlock the doors to self-awareness. Establish intentions, identify emotions, and cultivate a refreshed mindset.


At 60 Days - Transcend mere insights. Reap the rewards of consistent self-reflection and critical thought that carve paths toward healing and clarity.


At 90 Days - Celebrate the triumphs, learn from the challenges, and envision your journey ahead with confidence and a newfound perspective on life's purpose.

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"The Bright Mentality Journal provides the ripe opportunity for the reader to practice effective self-care by writing out thoughts and feelings in a manner to provide clarity, understanding, and growth for the future."

Arnita Willis Taylor, M.T. (ASCP), MSL

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The Origin of The Bright Mentality Journal

How the Journal Was Born - Courtney's Story

Courtney Jordan was inspired to found the Bright Mentality through her challenges with mental illness. After experiencing an unexpected mental health episode, she felt there was a gap in the marketplace for a large-sweeping organization that could provide the sort of resources so crucial for those who are seeking to better their mental health while undergoing traditional treatments.

"Wonderfully curated for ANY one looking to spend time better understanding their thoughts and create a positive mindset. An absolute must-have to your current self-care toolkit!"


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Your Brighter Mentality Awaits

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter mentality?

The Bright Faith Journal:

For Peace and Spiritual Reflection

Incorporate faith into your healing process with a journal tailored for spiritual growth.

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Listen to Our Podcast

Conversations for a Brighter Mind

Journey further with inspiring stories and expert insights that illuminate the path to mental wellness.

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